Vape Carts For Sale in Non Legal State

If you’re in a non legal state like myself we do not have choices like the rest of you. I understand there may be pesticides in them and THC levels are never accurate. Are these deceiving? Absolutely. But has your dealer ever shown you lab results for the bud they get? 9/10 times you don’t even know what specific strain youre getting. Half the time it’s some made up bs. I don’t care if you get it from the grower. If you’ve ever smoked bud there is a very good chance you’ve smoked mold, pesticide, or insects at some point.

Also with any of these cartridges, no matter the brand, they can obviously be very easily counterfitted. So if you’re receiving counterfitted vapes then yes that quality is probably ass.

Another big problem with people testing these is if they test a fake the results will be very bad. If they test ones made by dankwoods the results will be better but not close to what is advertised as far as THC %.

Everyone on this site should take this opinion or anyone else’s opinion on this thread with a grain a salt.

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