Can You Buy Dank Vape Carts Online?

Dank vapes is a brand that just makes packaging, they sell their packaging to farms. how would a package brand make any money? the farms use reject weed that clubs would not buy and sell them back to dankvapes so they can send boxes of the carts to illegal states to sell.the loophole for dankvapes is that they just make the packaging so they can’t get in any trouble. You can find the packaging on amazon. It’s amazing. 30$ for 50 packages. 6 cents a cartridge filled with shit oil. You have a goldmine right there. The oil isn’t popular in legal states Bc everyone out there knows not to buy that shit. They are sooo popular in FL rn. How the fuck is everyone all the sudden selling these? (From what I’ve seen) the first set of these i got were so legit. The 4th/5th time around not so much..The ones circulating around now give side effects like headaches, blacking out thinking i was tired, hallucinations & nausea. The first carts were made for the purpose to be good carts. The more the demand for the carts the farms were able to produce shittier oil from weed that can’t be sold in clubs Bc it can’t pass a test. Ngl, the first batch that came around DID slap. they are black market carts. Not from a dispernsery & prob grown outside with a lot of pesticides. Just not regulated at all. Checkout their Instagram page @dankvapesoffical. It began in October of this year. Sketchy. All the comments are negative about poor product & testing. Some users say that the engraved coding on the first batch of pens is not the same as the ones circulating now. I did a lot of research on this and came to the conclusion that these are trash. Safe vaping everyone!

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